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Rufus WorkHero: Superhuman Wearables + Analytics for Supply Chain


Rufus WorkHero:

WorkHero combines Rufus industrial wearables (Rufus Cuff, ScanGlove, and Ring) and workforce analytics software to bring the most advanced productivity suite to your supply chain workers. Rufus increases warehouse productivity, safety, and accuracy, reducing labor costs up to 60% and providing real-time KPI visibility on the WorkHero Dashboard. With a WorkHero subscription, your operations achieve superhuman results with the latest tech, best-in-class service, and complete team visibility.


  • Rugged, Ergonomic Wearables: Rufus Cuff, Rufus ScanGlove & Rufus Ring Barcode Scanners
  • Warehouse Productivity Dashboards: Scanning KPIs, Worker Activity, Non-Scan Tasks, Team Chat, MDM 
  • Superhuman Support: Virtual Onboarding, Unlimited Break & Replace, Rufus Seasonal Flex Program
  • Hardware, Software, and Support in one easy monthly subscription, no capital expenditures 
  • Plug and Play compatibility with any web-based or Android WMS/ERP System 

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