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Sunmi T2 Lite Terminal For Shopkeep

by Sunmi

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ShopKeep Gets It. Work smarter, not harder. ShopKeep point of sale includes everything you need to start and run your business in person and online. We link your brick and mortar location with your online shop and offer a suite of time-saving features so you can focus on the big picture. ShopKeep simplifies inventory management, email marketing, search engine marketing, customer loyalty, gift cards, and more. Accept all payment types, including contactless payments, and choose the processing rate option that benefits you: a flat 2.5 + 10¢ rate or a customized interchange plus rate. There’s nothing to download or install. Start ringing up customers immediately with your free credit card reader and all-in-one, dual-screen terminal

Two screens are better than one. Dual 15.6 main and customer displays create a sleek, sharp, high-resolution terminal that prominently features your business name and branding.

 Speed up sales with a dedicated, customer-facing screen — and collect even more customer info in the process. Capped off by 4 USB ports and ethernet capabilities, the SUNMI redefines what POS hardware can do.

Enable your ShopKeep Register for the future of payments with The Go, built by Clover. This bluetooth credit card reader connects to your iPad via bluetooth and allows you to accept Apple Pay, EMV chip, and magnetic swipe credit card payments.

Charge your Go, built by Clover using this stand and charging block. The dock keeps The Go reader charged, secure, and ready to accept more kinds of payments.

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