How to Convince Customers That Enterprise Devices are Better for Field Service Applications

How to Convince Customers That Enterprise Devices are Better for Field Service Applications

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ISVs who work with small- and medium-sized field service businesses frequently run into customers whose field technicians are using consumer-grade mobile devices. Or, if they’re haven’t already authorized the use of consumer smartphones or tablets, they may be considering it because they think it might help them save money.


Of course, over time, relying on consumer-grade mobile devices to support technicians in the field is far more likely to cost a business money than it is to produce savings. Enterprise mobile computers and tablets offer significant advantages in durability, battery and power management, and security. Enterprise devices are also much easier to manage, reducing the workload on the IT person or manager who is charged with tracking a fleet of devices and keeping them updated. Those factors almost always make enterprise devices a better investment over time.


As professionals who create and support mobile solutions every day, we understand how the short life cycle that is built into consumer-grade devices makes it impossible to maintain consistency in operations. We understand how features like user-replaceable batteries extend the lifespan of enterprise devices two or even three times longer than that of a consumer device. And we certainly understand how consumer devices simply aren’t engineered to withstand the inevitable drops, spills, and other accidents that occur in the field.


But how well do our customers understand the value equation?


Imagine a company that has three dozen field technicians providing pest control services. When the company turns to us for a solution that will empower their techs with the latest mobile technology, how do we convince them that enterprise devices are worth the investment?


That challenge is much easier when we can offer solutions that deliver the benefits of enterprise devices at the cost of consumer products.


Often, we can make the case for enterprise devices with Zebra mobile computers and tablets that are purposely positioned to meet the needs of value-focused businesses. These are true enterprise devices: they feature rugged durability, improved battery life, and enhanced security. And they offer business-focused productivity features like integrated barcode scanning and options for mobile payment processing. But they’re offered at price points that are right for customers who might otherwise consider a consumer-grade device.


Let’s look at two right-priced devices that can help you convince your field service customers that it makes sense to stick with business-class mobile technology.


Zebra TC26 Touch Computer

Any business that is considering using consumer-grade smartphones in the field should consider Zebra’s TC26 mobile computer. They’ll step up to business-class durability and features without stepping up in price. For about the cost of a consumer-grade smartphone, field service businesses can equip their field technicians with a more rugged platform that adds productivity-enhancing features, including integrated barcode scanning and extended battery options that deliver double-shift power. And, for more voice communication flexibility, the TC26 is now validated by Microsoft Teams to run the Walkie Talkie app.


Zebra ET45 Enterprise Tablet

When a field service business is considering consumer-grade tablets for their field technicians, Zebra’s ET45 enterprise tablet offers a much better fit. These tablets are designed for business from the inside out, delivering performance, features, and durability that can’t be matched by any consumer tablet. The ET45 is available with and 8-inch or 10-inch screen. A built-in enterprise-class barcode scanner is included, making it easy for field techs to track and inventory parts and supplies. The latest 5G wireless delivers the speed and performance that technicians need in the field. And it’s priced to provide a legitimate option to consumer-grade tablets.


When they’re choosing mobile solutions, field service businesses are concerned with cost, durability, and reliability. They’re bound to be disappointed if they outfit their techs with consumer-grade mobile devices. So, offer them right-priced solutions from Zebra that make it easy to step up to enterprise-level mobile performance.