Last Mile Delivery Solutions that Meet Today’s Challenges

Last Mile Delivery Solutions that Meet Today’s Challenges

Today, as ecommerce booms, consumer expectations for rapid, accurate delivery are soaring. Despite all the technology and work that allows businesses to pick and pack orders efficiently and rapidly move shipments through distribution, it’s often the performance over the “last mile” that dictates customer satisfaction. As a result, there aren’t many applications where the performance of mobile devices is more critical than last-mile delivery services.


Once orders are staged for loading, the ability to get them to their destinations depends largely on the performance and reliability of the software applications and mobile devices that drivers are using to make deliveries. It’s an amazingly simple equation when you break it down: no device, no delivery.


That equation puts a tremendous amount of pressure on logistics business owners and operations managers to select mobile devices that can deliver the performance and reliability required to keep packages moving every day, shift after shift. They’re looking for devices that can deliver reliable return on investment and proven bottom-line performance. Specifically, they’re looking for:


  • Devices that offer enterprise-level performance to keep deliveries on track and keep pace with rising demand
  • Durable devices that can withstand drops, exposure to weather, and other mishaps that inevitably happen on the road
  • Devices that are easy for the business to manage and even easier for drivers to use.


These customers won’t find the performance, durability, or features they need in consumer-grade devices. But they will find everything they’re looking for in Zebra’s enterprise mobile computers and rugged tablets. That’s because Zebra specializes in data capture technology that’s designed for the most demanding environments, whether that’s a cold storage warehouse or a delivery route with more than 200 stops every day.


Zebra offers a full range of mobile devices—from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers—to equip distribution center workers and delivery drivers for any task. Whether they run on the Windows® or Android™ operating system, every Zebra mobile device takes advantage of the industry’s most robust administration utilities and comprehensive app development tools.


Here's a brief overview of just two Zebra mobile devices that provide a perfect platform for custom solutions designed to meet last mile delivery challenges.


Zebra TC58 Mobile Computer

Zebra’s latest handheld mobile computer platform really allows last mile delivery apps to shine. It combines the rugged design that Zebra’s TC5x series is known for with support for the latest wireless protocols and new innovations that redefine mobile computing performance. Like every Zebra device, the TC58 includes proven technology to capture 1D/2D barcodes quickly and accurately. It also includes Zebra’s Dimensioning™ Certified Mobile Parcel—the industry’s first dimensioning solution that’s fully integrated into handheld mobile computers, making it easy to capture accurate parcel dimensions and instantly calculate shipping charges.


Zebra ET45 Enterprise Tablet

The ET45 tablet is the perfect tool to help keep drivers on schedule through even the busiest shifts delivering and picking up packages. It features 5G wireless for the fastest, most reliable connections on the road. Barcode scanning is fully integrated to speed loading and deliveries. And it includes a high-resolution camera to support proof-of-delivery applications. Most importantly, the ET45 is priced for businesses that have a laser focus on the bottom line, allowing them to step up to true enterprise performance, durability, security, and support while maximizing ROI.


To learn more about custom last mile delivery solutions and Zebra’s rugged mobile devices, contact your AllBiz representative.