CAS, CL-5500 Series, CL5500B, 30 lb Capacity, Includes Ethernet Capability
CAS, CL-5500 Series, CL5500B, 30 lb Capacity, Includes Ethernet Capability


CAS, CL-5500 Series, CL5500B, 30 lb Capacity, Includes Ethernet Capability

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The CL5500 is equipped with two high quality, easy to read LCD Displays. The operator side displays are used to show Tare Weight, Unit Weight, Unit Price and Total Price on the left. The display on the right is used to display PLU names, Scrolling Messages and Programming Menus.


The Double Click Call feature allows the operator to recall PLU's by double-clicking the speed key instead of having to use the shift key. The standard bench model comes equipped with 96 (48 x 2) quick look up keys. These keys may also be programmed to be special function keys.

Printer & Label Cartridge

Achieve print speeds up to 100mm/sec with a print resolution of 202 dpi. The removable label cartridge's simple design allows operatiors a method of quickly and easily reloading labels.

Label Formats

The CL5500 supports various die cut or continuous label sizes up to 200mm in length with the 45 preset label formats stored in its memory. With CL Works Pro software, you can add up to 20 more custom label formats.

CL Works Pro Software

CL Works Pro offers an easy to use data editing solution for businesses in supermarkets, deli's and other retail markets. Manage all retail activities from PLUs to label formats. CL Works Pro provides solution for analyzing sales data quickly, easily, and accurately. The accumlated data would become an asset for users who want to get deepr insights from the data in order to make better predictions. CL Works Pro is compatible with all CL Series Label Printing Scales that use the most recent firmware. Control mulptile scales remotely and efficiently manage your retail process.


  • 30 lb and 60 lb Capacities Available
  • Dual Range
  • 4,000 PLU's w/Direct Ingredient Messages - Max 2,100 Characters
  • LCD Displays
  • 96 Speed Keys (48 keys x 2)
  • High Speed Thermal Printer
  • Ethernet Included/Wireless Optional
  • Same Menu Code System as the CL5000
  • Multiple Barcode Formats
  • 45 Standard Label Formats
  • Up to 20 Custom Labels
  • English, Korean, Chinese or Spanish Characters
  • Compatible with CL Works Pro
  • Bench: 16(W) x 17(D) x 6.8(H)
  • Legal for Trade

What's Included in the Box

  • Scale
  • RS232 Cable
  • Plastic Platter
  • Stainless Steel Platter
  • Plastic Cutter Bar
  • Starter Roll of Labels (LST-8010)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Power Cord Cable