Datalogic, Mobile Computer, Memor 10 Kit NA GMS


Datalogic, Mobile Computer, Memor 10 Kit NA GMS

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 The Memor 10 from Datalogic is a state-of-the-art full touch PDA with a megapixel scanner and a 5-inch display. Designed for enterprises seeking the power of a mobile computer with a robust design, ultra-reliable battery management, and enhanced scanning performance. It is ruggedly built to withstand the toughest conditions, yet slim and compact for a comfortable fit in your hand. Use it anywhere thanks to built-in LTE advanced cellular connectivity, ensuring network access inside or outside the walls of your facility. The Memor 10 has inductive wireless charging capability for best in class reliability as there are no exposed charging contacts that require maintenance. The built-in 4100 mAh battery packs enough power for the longest of shifts and charges ultra-fast at 10W. The Memor 10 is your go-to handheld device for all kinds of retail, warehousing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare applications.

Kit Includes:

  • 944350015 Memor 10 Full Touch PDA
  • 94A150095 Dock, Single Slot, Memor 10
  • MEMOR 10
  • 94ACC0193 Rubber Boot
  • Memor 10
  • 94ACC0201 Attachable Pistol-Grip Handle