Magtek, Edynamo; Mobile; BLE; MSR, EMV Contact; KSID 90118800 Magensa


Magtek, Edynamo; Mobile; BLE; MSR, EMV Contact; KSID 90118800 Magensa

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eDynamo, MagTek’s newest secure card reader authenticator, gives users the flexibility
needed to securely accept a variety of payment card technologies. Whether accepting
a traditional magnetic stripe card or a contact EMV card, eDynamo gives merchants
the ability to connect via USB or via Bluetooth LE, delivering one reader for mobile or
stationary needs. This design leads to saving the user money on a single, low-cost, yet
highly secure device.

The dual interface delivers compatibility for traditional Microsoft Windows computers in
addition to certain Bluetooth LE compatible tablets and smartphones. The low energy
consumption extends the life of its rechargeable battery when interfacing via Bluetooth
LE, and the USB wired connection keeps eDynamo up and running without worrying
about battery life. eDynamo is a flexible, reliable, and secure card reading solution.

Ideal for merchants and financial institutions, eDynamo offers the MagneSafe®
Security Architecture with the convenience of a Bluetooth LE interface. This powerful
combination assures card data protection, transaction security and convenience
needed to secure mobile applications with strong encryption and proven card