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Unitech, MS912-FUBB00-TG - Ms912 Cordless Scanner, Batch Mode Linear Imager, Bluetooth, USB Cable

by Unitech
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The MS912 Bluetooth companion scanner is the way to go for mobile scanning. Tiny but powerful, the MS912 features simple pairing to any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a new aggressive scan engine.


• Small and compact design
• Mobility application by wireless data collection and transmit
•  Support HID and SPP connection
•  High capacity battery with long life
•  Premium performance: Processing up to 4mil resolution barcode readability.
•  Build in 650 scans/sec high performance CCD module
•  Easy to integrate with host (Smart phone, Tablet & Laptop)
•  Easily toggle the iPhone/ iPad touch keyboard with iOS Hotkey function




The MS912+ (Memory Version) can scan while paired with a host or on its own as a batch device, offering the value of two devices in one.


Bluetooth Mode
All Unitech pocket scanners feature easy Bluetooth pairing to any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Start sending barcodes straight to a spreadsheet, smartphone application, or the destination of your choosing. You will be able to watch the MS912+ transmit barcode data in real-time. 

 Memory Mode
Despite its small size, the MS912+ barcode scanner is equipped with 2MB of memory. In Memory Mode, the MS912+ utilizes its memory to store scans instead of wirelessly transmitting it to a host. Once you are finished scanning, you can export all the data to your host computer.

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