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WAVE ID Nano Keystroke 13.56MHz CSN Black Vertical USB Reader, RDR-7511AKU

by rfideas

It is the world’s smallest badge reader. The WAVE ID Nano reader delivers all the features of desktop and surface-mount readers in an ultra-compact format. It is available for use with the traditional USB-A port or in an even smaller USB-C version to fit newer laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Both options are designed with an ultra-compact profile to minimize physical interference or any risk of breakage. In addition, the USB-C version complies with select MIL-STD-810 requirements to resist extremes of altitude, temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, shock and freeze/thaw cycles. They are ideal for first responders, military professionals or anyone who appreciates worry-free reliability.

With their small size, WAVE ID Nano readers can also be easily embedded in monitors, all-in-one PC’s and other hardware. Designed for on-the-go portability, they enable healthcare, government, manufacturing and enterprise employees to work remotely or move about freely, in any environment, while keeping valuable information reliably protected.

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